Q: What is Vida Lista all about?
A: We are an innovative company whose interest is to empower individuals who wish to participate in farming activities. Part of our major interest is in organic vegetable farming with emphasis on cucumbers, pumpkin (Ugu leaf), tomatoes, pepper, Ewedu, Shoko, lettuce, celery, water melon, etc. and also organic livestock/animal husbandry farming (COMING SOON) . We also produce organic fertilizers (For plants & Livestock), compost, pesticides, seeds and seedlings in sacks. This means you can grow your vegetables in a sack from start to harvest.

Q: Why are we different from others?
A: We are different from others because we are people of integrity, and we have unique services that everyone needs, with our very contagious vision of feeding the nation and the world through our smart trainings and organic farming products to ensure healthy living.

Q: What is Our CSR (Community Service Responsibility)?
A: Vida Lista Back To Farm School Campaign is about going to schools to empower students with hands-on organic farming, who are not yet exposed and conscious of farm inputs such as chemical fertilizers and other harmful chemicals used in producing crops. It’s our way of giving back to the community. Vida Lista will teach young people innovative way of farming in the city even without farmland. We will provide young people with the skills and inspiration they need to generate wealth for them, their families and the society.

Q: What Services do we offer?
A: Our services includes the following
• Startup lucrative business in Agriculture: Organic and Vertical sack farming with professional mentorship, coaching and consultancy.
• Create multiple streams of income while you pursue your career or dream through our business packages which includes the VIP mentoring Bonus and The Smart Club.
• Access to lands anywhere in Nigeria via our land exchange platform at a cheap rate with legal documentation.
• Learn how to set up Organic Home garden or join in the commercial farming revolution.
• Reduced price on organic farming inputs such as organic compost, organic pesticides, and hybrid seeds etc.
• Expand your market reach and easy access to our distribution network and sales partners.

Q: Which government bodies is Vida Lista registered with?
A: Vida Lista is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to operate legitimately within Nigeria.

Q: Is Vida Lista an investment company?
A: No, we are not an investment company, rather we empower and mentor individuals on how to start organic farming, a platform to assist you expand your knowledge, to help you earn through our mentoring reward bonus platform and also you can partner with us and share from our revenue in the smart club.

Q: What is the Smart Club?

A: The Smart Club is a platform where members partner with the company to expand her farming projects and activities and share revenue after 180 days according to the amount the member partnered with.

Q: What is Smart Farming?                                                                         

A: Smart Farming is our innovative practical hands-on training platform where members are taught how to do organic vertical sack farming and urban farming.

Q: What other trainings do Vida Lista offer?

 A: We have our customized trainings which includes but not limited to the following: Executive practical hands-on training, online mentoring sessions, organic farming business opportunities seminar and lots more. To know more about our customized trainings, please contact the training Coordinator – 09054379339.

Q: How do members earn in Vida Lista?
A: Members earn in Vida Lista by joining our VIP Package or our Smart Club. Members can also earn by purchasing organic farming inputs: organic compost, organic pesticides, vertical farming sacks, hybrid seedlings, etc. at discounted prices and resale to other farmers with a margin, members can also earn by becoming farm consultants after we train them.

Q: Must I refer people to join the VIP package before I earn?
A: NO, because you could earn from SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER but if you refer, you earn more as Vida Lista rewards you from the people you refer.

Q: How fast can I earn?
A: You will earn immediately your referee signs up and make registration payment of N3, 000 naira membership fee. How fast you earn depends solely on you, the more people you bring on board, the more you earn; that mean you can earn in a day, 2 days, a week, a month. However, we promote team work and members are rewarded accordingly. Vida Lista pay day is every Tuesday.

Q: What happens if I have more than 4 people to register on Vida Lista VIP package?
A: In pursuance to our objective of raising, empowering and mentoring entrepreneurs, we totally believe in the ideology of team building, and we usually encourage our members to build a culture of team spirit. Our genealogy has been designed with a systemic team oriented work-force. To this end, if you have more than four people to register on Vida Lista VIP package, the excess will spill over to those under you and earn you mind-blowing commission and royalty rewards and team building bonuses.

Q: Must I refer people to participate in Vida Lista VIP package?
A: No, it is not compulsory but it is encouraged in order to keep spreading the great vision of feeding the nation because our focus in Vida Lista is to train and coach individuals and companies on how to farm using innovative technology

Q: How do I participate in Vida Lista mentoring packages?
A: You can participate in any of Vida Lista mentoring packages by simply registering as VIP member and purchasing your training materials.

Q: What do I stand to benefit from Vida Lista mentoring program?
A: You will be impacted with the right skills to be in command of your life and business. You will be mentored and coached on the latest and innovative farming techniques, and support to become a standalone innovative farmer. Vida Lista supports members with farming inputs, and helps them to get easy access to market.

Q: Can I run more than one mentoring package at a time?
A: Absolutely YES; with our unique leadership structure, members can run with more than one Mentoring package.

Q: How do I pay to become a VIP registered member?
A: You can pay your registration fee of N3000 either by making direct bank deposit or using your e-wallet fund from your sponsor to pay for your registration.

Q: Can I pay at your office?
A: No, you can pay directly into any of Vida Lista Bank Accounts.
Vida Lista Ltd
Diamond Bank
First Bank

Q: Can members transfer funds to another member via their e-wallet?
A: YES, members can transfer funds to another member via e-wallet.

Q: What more can I do with my e-wallet?
A: You can make transfer to members in the platform and also pay for Vida Lista products and services.

Q: Will there be charges on my earnings?
A: Yes, bank charges and VAT will be deducted from earnings any time you make withdrawals.

Q: What qualification must I have to participate?
A: There is no qualification required. If you have a vision or dream to build a world class business or be a world class professional in your area or be a millionaire organic farmer, just come and join us to lead you to your dreams.

Q: What best strategy can I adopt in order to build my team?
A:Vida Lista will train you with the best strategy to adopt and knowledge required build your team as every Nigerian needs to hear this good news and to become part of the farming revolution to feed our nation and earn foreign exchange.

Q: Is there a timeline for one to register his down lines?
A: No, there is no time limit, no balancing of legs, no flushing of points from the company, no target, except the one you give yourself as a serious minded entrepreneur.

Q: What happens when my team members are not working or registering people or they discontinue the business?
A: Keep encouraging them and don’t give up. Get them to attend seminars, keep engaging them to join our discussion groups. Follow-up on them via voice calls, visit them and try to find out what their challenges are. Render assistance and support where necessary. And if they still feel reluctant after your effort, then you may have to get another passionate and business minded prospects to join your team especially if they discontinue the business.

Q: If I have a new prospect, how do I register the person?
A: First, tell your prospect to either make payment into the company’s account or you can transfer funds to your prospect after he/she has done FREE registration using your referral link or your USERNAME as sponsor.
• Ensure you guide your prospect during the process of registration and ensure they use your referral link or username.
• Tell them to go to www.levidalista.com and click on register and then fill in the required information on the form and submit.
• Once the account has been created successfully, payment can be made for the funding of the account.
• After payment has been confirmed, funds will be transferred into the new account for the upgrade of the account.
• Once the account has been upgraded your new prospect is now a VIP member and ready to soar

Q: How do I qualify for leadership reward plan?
A: Kindly refer to the Vida Lista presentation of the website; www.levidalista.com for details.

Q: How can members receive payments?
A: Payments are made directly into members’ local bank account.
• Kindly note that members will need to request for funds withdrawal from their members back office to be paid their referral commission before the payment day. Or alternatively sell your funds to other members who need them.
Q: How do I protect my login information?
A: You can protect your information by not divulging your personal Vida Lista profile details to anyone, and if you feel someone has seen your password combination or is attempting to access your account, kindly RESET your login details.

Q: How do I get promotional materials?
A: You can have access to our promotional materials in hard copy or soft copy (e-copy). We can send you soft copies via your email or you can also download it from your back office.

Q: I noticed an error on the amount credited to my account. What should I do?
A: Kindly call our customer helplines on 2349054379332 OR 2349054379331, or send mail to [email protected], the error will be rectified immediately.

Q: My question is not answered here, what do I do?
A: We are deeply sorry for this! Please send us a ticket or mail on [email protected]