About Us

Who We Are

VIDA LISTA is a unique and purpose-driven multinational Organisation with an objective to impact humanity through the dispensing of resourceful management knowledge and the provision of highly profitable and secured financial platforms aimed at empowering people with the sole aim of making success out of people, giving them financial independence, for the advancement of mankind.

Since inception, Vida Lista has been a hallmark of helping members to fast-drive their career plan and provides them the opportunity to start-up or expand their existing businesses via a well-grounded financial experience, thus empowering them to become custodians of global excellence and world-class business owners.

Vida Lista, is reputed for profuse expertise in professional “smarting” and smartness in fundraising for businessmen, farmers, students, etc. thereby producing great millionaires in a smart way.

There are always opportunities through which businessmen can profit handsomely if they will only recognize and seize them”—J. Paul Getty.

  • Business Mentorship 89%
  • Vertical Farming 100%
  • Smart Farmers Hub 89%
  • Member Happiness And Satisfaction 100%