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VIDA LISTA  is a unique and purpose-driven multinational Organisation with an objective to impact humanity through the dispensing of resourceful management knowledge and the provision of highly profitable and secured financial platforms aimed at empowering people with the sole aim of making success out of people, giving them financial independence, for the advancement of mankind.

Since inception, Vida Lista has been a hallmark of helping members to fast-drive their career plan and provides them the opportunity to start-up or expand their existing businesses via a well-grounded financial experience, thus empowering them to become custodians of global excellence and world-class business owners.

Vida Lista, aka Smart Living, is reputed for profuse expertise in professional “smarting” and smartness in fundraising for businessmen, farmers, students, etc. thereby producing great millionaires in a smart way.

In Vida Lista, we provide our members and their business the opportunity to excel in today’s competitive world by engaging them in intensive and interactive trainings with immeasurable insight into every field of endeavor, mentoring and setting them on a high pedestal of success for a better livelihood, especially in Africa where poverty and illiteracy are dominant. In Vida Lista, you can leverage and enjoy the following:

    • Start up lucrative businesses in Agriculture: Organic and vertical sack farming with professional mentorship and consultancy.
    • Create multiple streams of income and earn massively via Vida Lista Packages.
    • Access the opportunity to attend Vida Lista Business Summit with seasoned professionals with decades of experience
    • Access Professional Management Training opportunities to expand your knowledge and excel in business and career.
    • Learn how to set up Organic Home Garden in your compound

Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man”—George Washington.

The best way to feed a growing world while, at the same time, reducing the amount of land, water and energy required, is vertical farming. Part of earning money on your land includes accepting the reality that you are allowed to profit from what you know.

Through our vertical sack farming, an amount of space not even up to half a plot is turned to a huge money-spinner. And Vida Lista has one of its major goals as mentoring people on how to make the land they live on a place of profit, as well as a place of residence, raising their families in a safe environment and yet produce food for their own consumption and for commercial purposes. With Vida Lista, everyone can enjoy their lives on the homestead.

Vida Lista’s vertical farming is a first-of-its-kind system, in many regards. Its goal is not only about feeding millions, but also about making millionaires across nations. Vida Lista wants to advance farming and be innovative in doing so. Over the world, the vertical urban farming movement is beginning to scale, and Vida Lista would not only solve the world hunger, our vertical farming system would enhance everyone’s desire to own commercially viable farms, growing nutritious food in a sustainable, profitable manner.


Central to our mission, we strive to unite a global community of like-minded individuals and provide them with the best financial platforms to leverage, with training support, and tools necessary to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Investments in Vida Lista are affordable and no-risk investments for anyone with a desire to develop financial and creative sustenance, while working at a most convenient pace and time. With more reports sounding alarms about looming food scarcity issues around the world, Vida Lista is out to give people an edge and help them earn income throughout the year, even in the worst economic situations.

With analyses of the world’s economic crises, findings have shown that unemployment has become one of the most serious socio-economic problems confronting nations of the world today. It’s on this basis that Vida Lista was birthed with the lofty aim to empower people of all races and culture, equipping them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and arousing their interest in highly successful vertical sack farming.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them”—Ann Landers.